Friday, November 21, 2008

How to make an Advent wreath...

There are MANY ways to make an Advent wreath, but we're going to show you this way because it is the least expensive way. (And if you've seen the economy lately... you'll notice stuff costs a lot more than it used to and there's a lot less cash hanging around to get spent!)

Supplies needed (Click on the item name to link to a page with a picture):

-1 x 10" Styrofoam extruded wreath ring (preferably green) and
4 x green candle cups
-1 x 10' flat Styrofoam wreath ring

-22 or 24 gauge paddle wire

-wire cutters

-1 x 18" Christmas wreath ($1.99 at Michael's this week)

-Christmas holiday picks or 3' of Christmas garland

-Advent candles

-White pillar candle or taper

Once you've made the big trip to Michael's or A.C. Moore, here's what you do.

If you are using a flat wreath ring, you need to place the candles directly in the ring to make an indentation. Make certain that the hole is deep enough that the candles won't fall over. Once you have made starter-holes evenly around the ring, take the candles back out.

If you are using an extruded wreath ring (which we recommend), place the candle cups evenly around the ring. Using candle cups tends to make the candles more stable that if they are simply mounted on the Styrofoam itself.

With candle holes completed or candle cups secured, use the paddle wire to attach the green Christmas wreath to the wreath ring.

Then decorate the wreath itself, using holiday floral picks or a 3' strand of garland. If you use garland, secure it to both the wreath ring and the Christmas wreath using paddle wire. Make certain to leave room for the candles at the holes or cups.

Finally, place the purple and pink Advent candles in the holes/cups. Place in the center of the wreath a white pillar candle on a small plate or a white taper in a candle holder. Light the candles on the appropriate Sundays of Advent, beginning with a purple one on Sunday, November 30th.

Readings for the Advent-wreath-lighting are available from many sources. Our family uses the devotional printed on an old bulletin from a Christmas Eve Candlelight service many years ago. But two books that we recommend as resources that are available from Christian bookstores and various online booksellers are:

Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas, by Sharon Jaynes


A Family Advent: Keeping the Savior in the Season, new this year from Thomas Nelson publishers