Monday, December 29, 2008

Neat ideas we tried this year...

We hope your family had a chance to try a few new things this season that added to your holy-days. We would LOVE to hear from you about the neat ideas you tried this year.

Here are a couple of ours...

One of the things we did in our family is to help mitigate the schedule mania of Christmas programs and parties was to eat off of paper plates on the evenings we had out-of-the-house commitments. It made cleaning the kitchen a breeze and left us cleaned up and quiet in the evening, when we did our Advent devotionals along with our family prayer time.

As the after-Christmas sales ARE in full effect, it provides an opportunity to stock up on the things we can use for next year ... like paper products.

Another neat thing that we discovered this Christmas season has been the "guest wall." We took a large vinyl tablecloth and cut it in half. Then we taped it to a wall using painter's tape and placed a small table with a cup of Sharpie markers on it next to the vinyl banner. Our guests signed the banner and now we have a record of who has been by to celebrate Christmas with us. What a great idea for New Year's and birthdays and anniversaries and bowl game parties too!

What were your new ideas this year? Please take a second to share.