Friday, December 5, 2008

Counting down by the book ... by Jen

We LOVE Christmas traditions! One that we all enjoy is unwrapping a Christmas book every night of December. I wrap up 23 different books, the same ones every year, and put them in a basket. Each night the boys take turns opening one up and then my husband or I read it to them. They look forward to it every year. On Christmas Eve, my husband reads The Night Before Christmas and The Christmas Story from the book of Luke. Great memories!

Here is our basket of books!

Here is the first book!

We added a new tradition this year, it was our oldest son's idea. We are singing a different carol each night. He went online and printed out the lyrics for all of us. Though we couldn't sing in a concert hall or anything, it was a sweet, sweet sound!

May you all enjoy your Christmas traditions!