Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Christmas ...

'Tis that time of year when carolers sing
Of the manger where Jesus lay;
How there was no soft pillow to cradle His head,
Only a mattress of hay.

Then our thoughts dart foward
To a cross on a hill,
And Jesus, by choice, hanging there,
By the world rejected still.

And for just a moment we feel so sad
As we think of the price He paid;
But He gave His life freely; He loved us that much,
And He triumphed over the grave!

It's Christmas, my beloved friends,
And 'midst all the "hullabaloo"
Let's not lose sight of the simple fact
That He did what He came to do!

The Bethlehem manger is empty,
And bare is Calvary's tree;
The Savior of the world now lives... YOU and ME.

Copyright ©2008 Melvin Bennett